Services Provided as a Vocational Expert

Personal Injury: Employability Assessments document what jobs a person can perform if any, how many of these jobs exist in a geographical area, and what these jobs pay given a person’s education/ training, past work, and functional limitations. This analysis provides a loss of earning capacity, if any.

Domestic Law/Divorce: Employability Assessments document a spouse’s earning potential in terms of jobs that can be performed, how many exist in their geographical area, and their rate of pay. This results in a determination of wage earning capacity that can be used by the courts to calculate both spousal and child support.

Employment Discrimination: Employability Assessments document the plaintiff’s ability to obtain “comparable employment” within a specified period of time. The plaintiff in an employment discrimination case has the burden to document employability through a “good faith” job search.”

Disability Determination for Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, Veterans’ Administration, and Pension Funds: Employability Assessments document an applicant’s employability level given their age, education, and past work. Their feasibility for re-employment is determined with job titles and the number of such jobs in the local labor market.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Title I of the ADA states that an employer cannot discriminate against an individual with a qualified disability. An Employability Assessments can assist in determining essential functions of a job, potential work place modifications, and alternative employment options , given a person’s past work, education/training, and functional limitations.